Printing Capability


Hot Sauce Depot has invested heavily in our private label program, combining a commercial inkjet label printer for small minimum orders of just 12 bottles, and a commercial digital label printer for larger runs.  This gives us the flexibility of producing very small orders, which are great for gift giving opportunities and market tests, while also being able to produce in large volume extremely quickly.  We have a complete, standalone private label system to give us the best possible turnaround times, usually shipping within one day of when your order is placed- and sometimes even the same day.


Printing of as few as 12 labels is done on our commercial inkjet label printer.  Because it uses ink the risk is greater of smearing or running in the label.  While today's inks and commercial label papers are much better than a few years ago, it is not possible to get complete resistance to moisture, such as condensation (removing from a fridge) or wet hands.  Because the inks penetrate below the top layer of the label stock these labels are usually slightly glossier than those printed on a toner-based printer.


Printing on our commercial digital label printer starts at 60 total labels.  This system is capable of printing literally thousands of labels in a very short time, and at prices very competitive with large runs of labels through a label printing company.  As a result we can turn around orders of hundreds, or even thousands of bottles much more quickly than if you order labels through a printing company.  Because this printing system uses dry toner, and not ink, there is no risk of smearing.  These labels are slightly less glossy, but they also tend to be more resistant to scratching and fading.
Pantone color matching is available with our commercial digital printer.


For special labels, such as those printed on foil, we can work with you to get your labels printed by a label printing company, and hold your labels on hand for you.  While special labels often cost more, you may feel that this extra cost is worthwhile, depending on your market and artwork.


Our label applicator is used on orders starting at 24 bottles (total combined labels in one size).  Due to the setup time it is often faster for us to hand label orders of only 12 bottles.  If you want to ensure that your bottles are labeled with the label applicator you may request this when your order is placed.