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If you are looking for private label hot sauce it can be very confusing.  There are many companies offering private label hot sauce, so which is the best for you to partner with?  When you are looking for your own branded sauce you cannot take the decision lightly, as your success hinges on making the right choices.  So, what are the important factors that you need to consider?



Printing and Labeling Capability
It is hard to put this factor on par with sauce quality, but when you are developing your own private label hot sauce the quality of the label can be every bit as important as what is in the bottle.  After all, if the customer never picks the bottle up from the shelf (even the web store shelf), then they will never find out how good your sauce is.  When considering the company to partner with on your private label hot sauce there are two things to consider- label quality and label application (how the labels are applied to the bottles).  Being in the distribution business we have seen everything from the top commercial products to private label sauces.  What stands out most about many private label hot sauces is the label quality and the actual labeling of the bottles.  Regardless of the quality of the sauce, if a label is printed on generic label paper with an inkjet printer, such as one could do at home, or labeled by hand, leaving the labels crooked or uneven with each other, it looks second-rate.  If the product looks like this then the customer is pre-disposed to thinking that the sauce is also of lower quality, and as a result, the customer may not purchase your sauce.


How do you avoid this common pitfall and ensure label quality?  Ask questions (and get samples if in doubt)!  Ask what type of printer is used to print the labels and ask how the bottles are labeled.  Are the labels printed on a commercial label printer, or a standard inkjet or laser printer?  While these can all print a visually appealing label. only commercial label printers can print on roll stock (ie. not individual sheets).  If the labels are not printed on a commercial label printer then you can be pretty certain that your private label hot sauce will be labeled by hand.  Hand labeling will result in the labels often being uneven or crooked.  If the supplier uses a commercial label printer, ask if it is an inkjet printer.  Due to cost ($2000 for inkjet vs. $20,000+ for LED or laser) most sauce suppliers that do use commercial label printers will use inkjet.  While the print quality has greatly improved on inkjet printers, as have the quality of the inks and label papers, wet hands and condensation (almost unavoidable with refrigeration) will cause the inks to run, resulting in your customer considering your sauce ‘cheap’.  Therefore, it is highly advisable to partner your private label hot sauce project with a company that specializes in custom branded hot sauce, and has made the proper investment to ensure that your sauce can hold up on the shelf against any other brand.  We are devoted to private label hot sauce, and use a commercial laser label printer and commercial label applicator, ensuring great print quality, label quality, and consistent, straight labels.  For more on our printing and labeling capabilities see our Printing Capability page.



Sauce quality
Obviously not to be outdone, sauce quality is extremely important when developing your own branded hot sauce.  While most companies will make you purchase samples due to the number of free sample requests received, do not hesitate to order samples to ensure that the sauce is of high quality.  It is difficult enough to get the first sale, but if your private label hot sauce cannot hold up against existing brands then you will not get a second sale.  Our private label sauce is a top commercial brand that is supplied without labels for private branding.  As a result you are assured of top quality, consistent sauce.



Price and Order Requirements
Regardless of how good your label looks and how good your sauce is, it will not sell well if it is overpriced.  To ensure the best possible price you want to deal with a devoted sauce distributor, not a retailer that is discounting to other resellers on the side.  As one of the major importers and distributors in the USA, we can supply you direct, ensuring the best possible price, with sauces starting as low as $1.36 including your own custom label!


Another consideration is how much product you must purchase.  Especially when starting your own private label hot sauce line you will not be wanting to purchase pallet quantities of each sauce.  As a direct importer and major wholesaler we are able to offer you excellent pricing on orders of as little as 12 bottles per style. 



Graphic Design
It is true that without eye-catching artwork your private label sauce is likely to sit on the shelf, untouched.  You must intrigue the customer and draw attention to your brand in order to get customers to try it in the first place.  There are plenty of graphic artists that can help you create great artwork.  You may have your design in mind and just need a graphic artist to put it into a usable format, or you may be open to virtually anything.  In either case a graphic artist can be invaluable, and relatively inexpensive.


Our in-house graphic team will work with you to design your label, and will send you hi-resolution proofs for approval before printing.  There is no charge for the initial layout of your labels.  Logo design and custom artwork are also available at an additional charge.


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